December Updates!

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All right, I'm in my December Updates page (isn't it nice and Christmasy?)

I added two pictures of Jason Behr (of Push) on Dawson's Creek in the Push Picture Gallery.

I added some useless facts.

I fixed some weird font colours on the Alanis Lyrics page.

I added a guest star on the Friends page (although I really should add more)

I also put up a FAQ section! So if you have any questions for me, check that page first before you sign my guestbook. Some useful and useless questions in there.

As a result I updated the site map.

Oh more page landmarks. Actually a few days ago the SFIJ lyrics page hit 3000 and the Push Picture Gallery hit 1000. Also yesterday I noticed the City of Angels/Now Is the Time lyrics page was at 1500 something so I have no idea when it hit 1000, but it was a while ago.

That's it!


A few small updates today. I put links to download the QuickTime movie of the closing credits of the first episode of Push.

I also got some stills from that movie (which wasn't easy, especially since it was somewhat garbled visually, I hate downloads), I'll put them up on the push pics page soon. I'm also going to divide that page by actor/actress, to make it easier!

Finally I put a counter on the FAQ page.


One quick traffic note, the All Saints page (which I've almost abandoned) hit 1000 hits a few days ago.

Anyway a bunch of updates today. The biggest being the Push Picture Gallery. I've split it by actor, so it's easier to sort through.

As a result I updated the Site Map.

As well I updated the Credits.

I fixed some SFIJ lyrics.

And finally I removed some links that weren't so useful

That's it!


Today I added an Oh Canada! Webring as well as a place to tell people about my page on the main page.

I removed the Friends Ring, as well as the Alanis Ring, because they didn't add me.

I fixed a couple of things on the Laurie Fortier picture page.

I fixed the sub-text of one of the pictures on the DC page (It still had a message from when Geocities stopped working).

I fixed something on the guestbook sign page

And Finally I made a few corrections on the Backstreet Boys page.


I added a new Friends ring (hope this one works)

I also updated the links and news on the Alanis page!


Not a lot today, I added a menu bar like thing at the top of the main page.

I also fixed some things on the guestbook.

I added some awards on the BSB page

Finally I fixed some colours on the Alanis lyrics page, and that's it!


A bunch of little updates today and one bigger one.

I changed the Get Down MIDI to a better one.

I fixed a small left out thing on the SFIJ lyrics.

I added a link to , it's really neat. You just enter a word or a URL, and it's automatically translated (e.g. if you enter , and choose English to French, then it translates as much of this page as possible into French.

Anyway I added a few small things to the Dawson's Creek page. We're into repeats again (yipee.....)

I fixed the Alanis Discography a little.

And finally (and here's the bigger one), I transcribed some more of the Alanis Morissette I&I at MuchMusic. It's partially finished now.

That's it!



I updated the Alanis page a little--just correcting a few spelling mistakes, and I changed some background colours.

I added the lyrics to All I Have to Give Part 2 on the BSB Lyrics page.

Couple of pages hitting landmarks. SFIJ lyrics is at 4000, Push Characters at 1000.

C'est tout!


Page landmarks in the past day or so: Lyrics to City of Angels is past 2000, and the Dawson's Creek character page is past 1000.

I deleted some thing on the main page, it was some sort of picture thing, anyway it didn't work and just took up space.

I finished the lyrics to AIHTG p.2 , thanks again to Aundrea Marsh.

And finally I completely updated the Dawson's Creek Character page, as well as adding Chris Wolfe to the Characters.

That's it!


I updated the storyline related thing on the Dawson's Creek, X-Files, and Friends pages. So they should be somewhat up-to-date now!


I updated the Alanis News, as well as updating the discography while making the different pages work together.


Page landmarks: Alanis Morissette Page @ 3000!

I added some Useless Facts.

I fixed some BSB and Alanis discography

I put some MIDI's on the Push Reviews

I added a section on the Alanis page for top ten lists of which Alanis is a part of, the stats kinda top ten lists, not Letterman.

I moved the lyrics to Before These Crowded Streets and Fate Stay With Me to the Alanis page, from the JLP page.

And finally I fixed the sub-text of the banners.


I added a credit. I also fixed a link on the Alanis page, as well as correcting the spelling on the Push page.


I updated the All Saints discography, with the songs from "All Saints - The Remix Album"

I also continued to work on the Alanis I&I transcription, there's some more there now.

Finally I added the lyrics to Baba live from SNL


I updated the links

I updated the FAQ

I made a few little tiny corrections on the Alanis Lyrics pages.

I updated the news and links on the Alanis page.

And finally I did a LOT of work on the Alanis I&I transcription, I hope to be done by the end of the year!



Sorry it took so long, see I don't really want to pay for a transcription from MuchMusic, if that can even exist, so I took the 'For a written transcript, write down everything we say.' approach! So I wrote it down as I watched it on videotape (which I finally finished last night), and then copied it from the paper to the computer. Which has taken a LONG time. So there you have it!

So that's done now!

Anyway I also updated the All Saints Discography, I may be able to start work on that again soon, it might be done by next summer.

And finally I made a couple spelling corrections on the SFIJ and JLP lyrics pages.


BTW Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

Have a really great one!!


I updated the Alanis bio today, that was about all!


I updated the Alanis news, fixed spelling on Now Is The Time lyrics and Intimate and Interactive Transcript, and added a link to MuchMusic's Transcript of the Backstreet Boys I&I from last January (they do exist, all that work for nothing!!!!!!)

I also put up the January Updates page, and as a result I updated the site map.

Also, I reworked the main page, it's different now.

Oh and another recent page milestone-- the BSB unreleased songs lyrics page hit 1000 a few days ago.


A few page landmarks -- The X-Files entrance at 1000, Push Picture Gallery main page at 2000.

Yesterday I fixed a couple of links.

Today I put a webring on the Push page (the Whatever Ring, possibly the only ring that page works for).

I also added a link on the links page to our new Internet provider, IAW.

And that's about it!


I fixed the colours on the Push page

And I fixed/updated a few things on the Alanis page.

Oh, and my poll now has over 100 votes (so each vote counts for less than 1% now, it used to count for like 5 or 6).

That's it, there hasn't been much to update lately!


Still nothing to update, so there actually aren't any.

I'm just checking in to say Happy New Year.

Oh and I've been making a bunch of changes with all the counters and webrings and such, so I guess that almost counts as updates.

Anyway the Alanis unreleased/live performance page is at 1000, so.. yeah.

Anyway Happy New Year, and see you all in 1999!!


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